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For those representatives of your Zodiac sign who professionally engage in sports, the probability of a sports injury is reduced throughout the year, but especially in the second half of the year cycle. Here it is important not to risk and not overwork, but rather work only in the right rhythm. For those who are not involved in sports, but would very much like to make the first steps, this is best done in the early summer. This will be the most productive, and the first results will already be available by the end of the season.

In general, for Libra, the period of is good from the point of view of physical self-improvement; one can even approach the question with frank fanaticism, but it is reasonable and thoughtful. The stars favor Libra in in terms of health and it makes sense to take advantage of this. Horoscope Comments: Horoscope Libra. Your name:. Daily Horoscope Daily horoscope. Weekly horoscope.

Astrology forecast for the 12222, the year of the Yellow Earth PIG

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LIBRA November 2019 Astrology Horoscope Forecast - Fortunate Stars for you!

November Horoscope. Zodiac Signs. This is a good time to correct the mood of the day, clean up the house, or finally sign up for a gym membership. It is recommended, that you don't postpone these things or put similar questions on the back burner, as foundations are really important now.

2018 November Horoscope

Each sign will have its own nuances this month, but for the most part, this will be the quietest period of the month, although it will seem like things are too good to be true. In fact, you will have plenty of time wherever necessary, and then some. Do not neglect outside advice; be sure to analyze every situation and act flexibly and often. Do not hesitate to drastically change your career decisions if it is better for everyone. With regard to personal relationships, settle conflicts right away, do not refuse invitations to major events, and spend weekends with friends-a surprise awaits you.

The second ten days of May will allow us to dramatically change things, even if you didn't originally plan to. Focus on those who have encountered a similar situation and learn from their successful experiences, but make your own decisions about your unique experience. Mid-May is a bright and creative time, which gives advantages to those who are willing to act risky and original. This is a great period for artists. For those who have their own business, the situation will again develop around the solution of internal problems, so pay heightened attention to their approximations and your company's personnel policy.

Now is the time for lower level employees to improve their skills, and the sooner the better, otherwise they may miss a great opportunity. Spend as much time as you see fit with family; now it is not a critical time, though, so no one will judge you for spending less time with them.

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Those not in serious relationships will have a chance to experience vivid emotions. Avoiding these opportunities will result in a relatively calm and introspective. The third ten days of May will consist of major events in the working realm. Take responsibility and boldly step forward, and do not slough your work and responsibilities onto others. This is a great time to prove yourself. You will get a great chance to change your position to a more prestigious one. This may be the emergence of an additional source of income or even a change of place of work-just do what you consider most appropriate for yourself at the moment.

On the love front, be soft and outspoken; that is, the complete opposite of your professional self. Surprises are better reserved for another period; in the final period of May , we and those who are close to us need maximum stability and predictability. Your goals for this period should be ambitious enough; set them right at the limit of your strength and capabilities.

Do not take risks and do not expect a happy coincidence. The outcome of your struggle depends solely on diligence and sentience.

Have you ever seen how Harry Potter passed through the wall on Kings Cross station? You should act in the same way - see the goal, refuse to see the obstacles, and believe in yourself. With this general way of acting in this period, the reward will greatly exceed your expectations. Dear Libra, you must be prepared for the fact that in some doors will burst open, and some people will rush into your life those ones who really wanted to establish relations with you.

In most cases, it will turn out that you were willing to meet them, with the same goals of establishing relationships, but did not dare to be the first one to act. Try to use every opportunity - you cannot leave opportunities unrealized. Your future contacts will define how successfully your goals can be realized.

In the field of business interests, this trend will lead to confident growth. If you conduct your own business or hold a management position within a company, pay attention to the Pig's nature.

Taurus Horoscope, Astrology Forecast for Taurus for the year of the Pig.

A pig is an animal that is generous and loves peace. In other words, in trying to be productive you should rely on some gentle methods. Hide brutal methods and stay away from them. You will see how your employees are immediately inspired to act and be productive, trying to prove to you that they are worthy of reward and good relations. Do you think that all this will benefit the cause? If you are an employee yourself, then in you will get a chance to make big progress. Your company will initiate some fundamental changes towards August, and this is a fact that can be used for your own benefit.

Possible profitable contacts and establishment of useful connections, new experiences, and professional growth are all likely. If the increase in material income does not take place, you can easily find additional sources of obtaining material goods without entirely leaving your core activity. However, some of the representatives of your Zodiac sign will have an irresistible desire to throw everything away and do something else.

If you suddenly plan to flee to nowhere, abandon these intentions. However, if you are officially invited to another company and offered good conditions, you can treat this invitation as a chance. Just do not forget to make inquiries about the new employer.

You can run into some scammers in In addition, you will certainly feel the need to promote your work and ideas. To do this, you need to change the image a bit. It is not just about a successful hairstyle and complete renewal of your wardrobe. Rather, you will have to change your style of communication. Do you remember that this year some people leave your circle and some other people will enter it? Try to keep closer those who will accept you as you do, understand you, and will not attempt to change you against your will. Sometimes you tend to fully trust the opinion of people who enjoy a well-deserved reputation in society, but perhaps someone will try to manipulate you with it.

Try to take a sober look at this situation and determine the motivation of the manipulator. It may well turn out that the motivation is not as noble as you thought.


Keep in mind: at this time you can get rid of any social addiction and avoid getting caught in a new trap. Just remember your goals and do not allow anyone to substitute them for something you find to be not interesting and profitable. Libra Horoscope Part 1. Libra Horoscope Part 2.