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You don't like to be rushed into anything, especially friendship. Capricorn in Love is pretty reserved. Capricorn teens are often close to family and interesting in family heritage. That grows out organically to include the region and nation but often begins with a strong sense of place. You might enjoy researching your family tree or asking older relatives questions about their time. You are more at ease than other signs around older people. And you might see eye-to-eye with many adults.

You're a dependable friend, and chances are, you'll keep many of your high school friends into your own old age! See if you don't enjoy the old-fashioned rituals of friendship, like writing letters in long form and sending by snail mail. You're wary of getting into anything too serious, and it's possible you'll date friends you've been friends for a long time. It's important for you to be sure of someone's character before you go anywhere with them. It's good to honor that quality, since it can lead you to experiences of love with the depth you want, but also not too fast.

A key to your nature is being in control of yourself. And you've got this to a greater degree than other signs. You're simply obsessed with making the best use of your time and resources.

You're the uphill climber of the Zodiac, and it seems at times that life piles more on your plate than on others. As a young person, you can seem to have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Your ruler is Saturn , the planet of earned rewards. It's not your style to coast and wish for the best.

Capricorn-Libra Compatibility

You put effort into your schoolwork, and any activities you choose to explore. You are very ambitious and are willing to put in the time, to be good at what you do. Some Capricorns take it to extremes and are ruthless in their pursuit of goals. Read more about the Dark Side of Capricorn. You're an earth sign and the one that begins the cycle cardinal. You are born with a strong desire to make your mark.

Capricorn Woman Love Advice

You might show a talent for a job, while a teen, that gives you some early independence. It's possible you're the one saving for a big ticket item, like a telescope, a scooter, or for that day you step out on your own. You're the one who others marvel at, for working your way through school or rising to leadership at your part-time job. Also, it is important to mention that these people usually look for a lifetime partner. But, before they found him, they will enjoy in themselves and they will be dedicated to their self development.

People born under January 1 zodiac sign usually have very strong emotions and their love is extreme. When we speak about a family, people born on January 1 are usually great parents and they have more than only one child.

It is believed that Capricorns who are born on January 1 have the best relations with someone who is born on 8th, 15th, 22nd or 31st. Also, the astrology says that these people have the best relationships with Virgo and Taurus zodiac signs because they have the same views and opinions. It is also considered that a Cancer can be a great partner for Capricorns. A Cancer is usually very attractive and creative and that is actually what a Capricorn needs. On the other hand, it is important to mention that people born on January 1 should avoid having a relationship with someone who has a Sagittarius zodiac sign.

If you are born on January 1 and if you believe in astrological explanations, then you should look for another partner. You will have the best relationship with Virgo, Taurus and Cancer.

You have seen characteristics of Capricorn people in love and their love compatibility. Now is the time to see something about their career and purpose in life. We have already said that people born under January 1 zodiac sign are usually very creative and determinated. It makes them able to make great success in career.

They are charming and they have great communication skills as well. Also, they may have a great career in the field of media and business, as well as in design and fashion. There are also many Capricorns born on January 1 who are famous artists. Even though these people are very pragmatic, they are also interested in art and philosophy. It is also interesting to mention that the entertainment career could be appealing for this zodiac sign.

Whichever career you choose, you will certainly have success. You are a person with many talents, abilities and skills, so you can be successful in many different fields. Also, you are a hard-working person and you never give up from your goals. Now you will see some lucky symbols, days and colors related to Capricorns born on Januar 1.

A day that is considered to be lucky for all people born under Capricorn zodiac sign is Saturday. Apart from that day, Monday, Thursday and Sunday are also considered to be lucky for people born on January 1. Lucky numbers for people born under January 1 zodiac sign are usually number 3, number 4, numbers 10, 17 , 19, 21, 28, 46, 64, 73 and also A color that is considered to be happy for people born on January 1 is brown, which symbolizes something conventional and realistic.

Also, this color is a symbol of strength and stability. If your lucky color is brown, then you should include this color in your clothes or maybe in decorating your house. There is also a birthstone that is typical for all people born on January 1 and it is the Garnet.

Some Famous Capricorns That Share Your Sign!

This stone symbolizes friendship and honesty. It is also important to mention the importance of Topaz and Sapphire, which can be also lucky birthstones for Capricorns. It is recommendable to wear your birthstone as a part of your accessories. When it comes to flowers that could bring luck to Capricorns, we have to mention carnations and chrysanthemums. The stars also say that the symbolic metal of people born on January 1 is silver. These are only some of the events that happenned on January 1, but there are also many others. Now you will see which celebrities have their birthdays on January 1.

People who are born on January 1 are known for their determination and mental strength.

Capricorn Woman Compatibility With Men From Other Zodiac Signs (In Pictures)

These people are ready to face all challenges and to overcome them. They have great creative energy and imaginative skills. Also, it is important to say that these people are very cautious and adaptable to many situations. In relationship and marriage these people are loyal and they are dedicated to their families. Now you will see some of famous people who are born on January 1.

Irish actor Jonas Armstrong is born on January 1, As you have seen in this article, people born on January 1 are very special.

Capricorn (astrology) - Wikipedia

They are born under Capricorn zodiac sign, which makes them leaders of many situations in their lives. These people are determinated and focused on their goals. They will never give up before they achieve these goals. In this article you had the opportunity to find out something more about the personal characteristics of people born on January 1. We hope this article was interesting for you and it helped you understand better the symbolism of this day.